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In a RollerCoaster-Driven Development Era, We Must Connect the Dots

🎢 RollerCoaster-Driven Development

Software development has evolved at a thrilling pace in the past years. Every developer has felt genuinely overwhelmed at some point, undoubtedly.

You might be feeling overwhelmed right now with so much to learn and account for in your work. 😟

How many frontend frameworks have we had to learn in five years? How many more there will be in the next ones?

A big stone in the developer journey is finding and organizing trusted sources for learning and advancing its knowledge and capabilities.

Am I doing this right? Is there a better way? 😰
Where can I find a trusted reference for good practices for this?
Is this the most accurate and up-to-date resource for learning XYZ?

Too-much, Too-little

We never had so much information and knowledge readily available like today.

That is absolutely true. 👏

But all this content is scattered. Disorganized. No time-relevancy ordering. Difficult to navigate and reason. It's hard to connect the dots.

There only so much that search engines can do to help ourselves.

Javascript. Typescript. Node.js. Python. SPA. Cloud. Serverless. Less than 20% of technologies available dominate +80% of modern web development stack.

So why does everyone have to go through the very same learning pains over and over? Thousands of developers have to learn the same things. But all. Same. Pain! Why? ❓

✨ Connecting the Dots

We've suffered enough with these pains at Dashbird while cracking our minds around finding the best ways to successful cloud serverless implementations.

We decided to stop. Start to organize everything we find valuable for developers. Compile it in an open repository. A single one. Always up-to-date. :neckbeard:

We called it Cloud Knowledge Base. It is about connecting the dots. So that you don't have to.

It aims to cover everything related to web and mobile development. From basic concepts to productivity tooling to advanced architectural patterns. As well as reliable cloud services that enable successful implementations.

The MVP is live now. 🚀 We will keep working consistently. Perfecting what's published. Expanding with new content. Every day, week, month.

As in any startup endeavor, we kicked off an MVP with a minimal set of topics covered. Subscribe to receive updates 🔥 (by email or Atom feed) as we push forward.

Suggestions and contributions from the development community are more than welcome. Let us know which topics you'd like to see covered, or if you have anything to share or ask:

Cover image credits: Stephen Hateley on Unsplash

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