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Ready to revolutionise the software development process?

Join us on 11 June for an online event – Code-Less Creations Meetup 💡

The meetup will immerse you in Low/No Code practices, making it accessible and useful for everyone from experienced developers to business professionals:
🔸 trends and innovations in Low/No Code development.
🔸 practical cases from industry experts.
🔸 analysis of modern tools and platforms.

🎙 Marcin Szlachcic, Implementation Specialist at Archman.
Topic: ‘Automation – Just a Catchy Trend or Money-making Machine’.
🎙 Oleksandr Skachkov, Head of Technology Consulting at Itera.
Topic: ‘Current State of Low Code or No Code Platforms’.

Invited moderator: Yana Mikhailenko, Director of Engineering at Turnitin.

🗓 11 June at 17:00 (CET)
📍 Online broadcast
💬 Language: English

Registration is required by the link.

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