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My first experience in contribution to Open-Source

My Experience

First of all it was an wonderful experience of participating in HacktoberFest 2020 and contributing to open source projects. This is my first time in HacktoberFest.
I got to know about the HacktoberFest through some social media. After that I made a research on it about how to register, how to contribute, how to find projects, how to make PR's and so on. Then I registered for the event and searched for projects which sync with my skills to contribute. I am good at web development and design things I found projects related to it to contribute.
I also got help from the HacktoberFest, one my project needed some feature to be added to it. I listed it under HacktoberFest projects to contribute. Then I got help from some participant, it was great thing. It was amazing October with Hacktober.

What I Learned From Hacktoberfest

When I made contribution to the projects, my skills are improved. I got 3 projects to add contents for the website and 1 projects to design hero images for developer learning courses. I improved my knowledge on HTML, CSS, Github, Git and designing in Figma. And increased my efficiency of working, by working on that projects I got. It encouraged me to work on other extra projects and I will be looking to contribute more for the open source in future.
Whatever the project we get, we have to make valuable contribution to it. Then only it brings value to both the event we are participating and the skills we have learned.

Finally, Thank you Digital Ocean for the amazing HacktoberFest Event.

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