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Also, for us guys who have been taught a lot given our educational background

I don't remember ever learning any of those algorithms in formal education, but most of them I've seen on lists of "top X interview questions" and such.

But regardless of education level, finding any of these problems and being able to solve them because you know how they work doesn't say much.

But they're still excellent interview questions, because you can use these relatively simple snippets of code to start a conversation and figure out how well someone understands the code and how it works. Starting with Fibonacci, for example, there's a lot to be said about recursion.

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I guess, there is a difference in our educational background. But anyways, when beginning the journey as a programmer we tend to solve small and easy questions and the problem statements that I mentioned are some of them. We do so because it helps to build our logic and get the essence of how programming languages work. Of course, these questions are asked during interviews, but again the purpose is same - to check the logical ability of the candidate.
I am just talking about my observations that I noticed on different types of people working in the same background. My purpose of writing that point was just to highlight the logical and reasoning ability of a developer. And we never know there might me some around us who never tried these questions or some who are very quick to solve them.
I believe, there is no obvious question in the programming world.

Thank You for sharing. It was nice to know your views.