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I just type instinctively and still somehow get 82 WPM.

I do use most of my fingers while typing, which I assume is the most important part, except I rarely use my little fingers for letters and instead keep them mostly reserved for the shift key.

Most importantly though, I've noticed that typing speed does automatically increase when you stop looking at the keyboard, as you save the time of visually targetting where your fingers need to go, and it allows you to focus more on the text in front of you, which is usually what you care about.

EDIT: After breaking my last keyboard, I decided to not get one of those glowy gaming-keyboards, but a simpler design. I ended up getting one that had completely unlabelled keys (Das keyboard 4 ultimate, in case anybody cares) and on top of looking pretty nice, it made me realize that I was still looking at the keyboard when placing my hands on it to start typing, which is probably the most crucial moment after having a thought to not get distracted. A few days later, I was used to just feeling for F and J without taking my eyes off the screen :D

(Fun fact: As I was typing the above paragraph I spent at least half a minute looking out the window while typing, which I found helps me a lot with focussing on what I'm trying to express.)

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