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The Fck PHP Framework for Freestylers

Greetings, everyone!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year. I have been absent from interaction and posting here for a while due to numerous real-life obligations that have been both time-consuming and mundane but lucrative.

Nevertheless, finances constitute the ten-thousandth part of what I wish to share here—an expression of boredom and an interpretation of The Art Of Messy Code that I previously penned on this platform.


Indeed, this is a library or framework that I crafted to satiate my ego and alleviate boredom. The Fck PHP Framework for Freestylers represents nearly everything stemming from the chaos within my mind.

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The fck PHP Framework for Freestylers

fck - Work in Progress

Welcome to my fck framework! This project is a work in progress and is being developed just for fun. It follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern and aims to provide a structured and modular codebase for web development.

Project Overview

This fck framework is designed to showcase my dancing knowledge, experiment with different features, and serve as a playground for trying out new (old) ideas. Please note that this project is not intended for production use (yet), and some features may be incomplete or under development.


  • MVC Architecture: The project follows the MVC architectural pattern for better organization and separation of concerns.
  • Routing: Custom routing system to handle URL requests and map them to appropriate controllers and actions.
  • Views and Templates: Implementation of views and templates to render dynamic content.
  • Controller Actions: Handling user requests through controller actions for different…

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