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Imam Ali Mustofa
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How I Build a System? #1

The system is word can have many of perspective, system can't be pure said with nude word a "SYSTEM". Maybe word of system is an acronym; "Sing Your Song To Encourage Money", you know what I am saying. So let me write a poem to describe how I build a system (actually a song) with lyrics, diction, feeling, and many more.

I was telling this in many of article on internet and statement in real life. How language it's so powerful to interpreting some kinds of life and experience, that's how Machine Learning work and AI in this moments.

I am just a stupid man with low education (formally) and experience in this field (tech). But, I found how language it's so naturally beautiful.

First of all, song can't be write of create without past experience. How experience work in usually? Yes, experience is a best teachers in life. So for now we have a diction.

Then with diction we can figured it what that's matters in life, Right?

Then we have a future / goal to write what kind of vision we can reach. From now we have to start write poem.


Today is an enemy
but tomorrow maybe is a recovery
with no medicine, just imagine
I will free for while in a mile

Free from anyone
Free from enemy

So listen, I am sing with this song
I know what it's.. (Yes, you know) so long
I think it is wrong
the truth is strong

To be continued...

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