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Imam Ali Mustofa
Imam Ali Mustofa

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Talk about complex systems (whatever they are). It takes a strong logical basis to find "bugs" or errors, it may be small and trivial but it will be fatal if the scale is large. Especially the big "bugs"!

When logic is used to "debug" a problem in a system, it will produce new reason or understanding, this allows us as humans in its application to calculate/formulate it with mathematical / physics theory to find solutions.

Unconsciously, the actual working system of the human brain has been able to calculate the formulations that will be generated by logic and produce new values, namely conclusions that we practically call "action".

However, if we determine conclusions or actions that are not in accordance with what we want, then the diction can be seen from the "processor" of a computer that has special specifications depending on usage and needs.

If you can take advantage of this conflict management system that already exists in every human being, then any problems you can face, even if you are unable to survive in the system, you can go out and create a new system and create a "backdoor" to occasionally view and learn from "bugs" from the old system.

What do you think? and what is your opinion?

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