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Build Warehouse and Store Management System - Pt. 3

Please read this before

Beta Version Launched 🥳

When the system was first launched and used by employees, they were happy to use it and I asked to contribute and provide feedback to me about what was lacking and what was not achieved in the system, because this is not over yet.

When the first version was released, all the employees were very enthusiastic but a question arose from one of the employees:

When we use cloud print, won't the application be completely dependent on the internet? What will happen when the internet is slow? Will the print be delayed?

Whooaaaa... this question really caught my attention, honestly I didn't think like that before (stupid idiot!). The Cloud Print I use is PrintNode, PrintNode is the fastest cloud print I know of and has pretty reliable features. I've also written an article about using PrintNode with PHP.

And there are various kinds of questions and evaluations from employees. The first day of using this integrated system is really amazing and very thought-provoking. As I've said before, I'm not the type of person who plans everything well, but prefers to improvise on the problems I face, and of course this becomes very complex and dynamic.

The evaluation I received and I made a timeline to work without any time span (like my style!) and communicated with the owner of the company about the Evaluation I received from the employees. We talked and did a lot of case studies.

The most challenging thing for me was to use Cloud Hosting as the first server, and this was really annoying! But what can I do, we will upgrade gradually in the future according to future needs.

Back to the question about the printer, the website application that I created must be able to communicate with the printer on the local. The quick solution is PrintNode with use-cases which can be seen at the following link PrintNode Use Cases

PrintNode Illustration

First Evaluation 🤔

I'm still ringing with questions about printers, and these are really really bothering me. And in the end I decided to do a path deepening from PrintNode.

PrintNode Work

Wait a minute, after a few weeks my stupidity is starting to get very clear! (Oh Shiz! 🤦).

Isn't this just about how to create a bridge for the user's browser to communicate with the computer directly?

This is the solution I used to answer the question about the printer above. Maybe not so cool but at least it is an alternative and free of charge to print bills from the website application to the local printer.

My Own Way

Then how do I make it work for real? ️😎

Ok, I will describe in detail (bismillah). The first step is to prepare the libraries needed to be able to work with the flow above.

I will continue it in the next article, thank you for reading this part 3.

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