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Build Warehouse and Store Management System - Pt. 1

The Story

The Story

On this occasion I want to share an experience that might be useful for friends out there.

I work for a company engaged in the distribution and sale of daily necessities. This company must record all transactions and activities that occur every day, and it is not possible to take a vacation for a single time, because the demand for goods every day is so many and confusing.

Initially this company adopted traditional management and of course offline. Then the owner of the company began to feel how painful it was to do daily transaction audits in each warehouse and store, and the field staff reported it to him every day.

This is of course very painful and a lot of reports may pile up and are difficult to organize or orchestrate in an easier form of management.

Everything does require a process and experience. In fact, corporate voters have thought of this long in advance. However, he has not been able to find the right people to realize all his dreams and ideas and then implement them with a more modern and digital management system.

He himself (the owner of the company) has several times recruited the people he needs to try to realize his dreams and ideas, but as time goes by he thinks that nothing is right and fulfills his wishes.

Long story short, he gave a task to a trusted person to find the right person to work on his dream project. Then the person goes to Group Facebook and i.e. PHP Indonesia trying to find a suitable candidate for the job .

Initially, his trusted person contacted my wife (who happens to be my manager 😂 "Of course!") who is active in the group to offer services that we can provide. Then he asked us to make a proposal according to the brief he gave, about anything that could be extracted and developed from the brief.

Then we try to reply to the brief in the form of proposals and ideas that might be developed again and the priorities of each of these ideas.

After the proposal was finished and sent to him, he soon became interested in the presentation we made. We made calls and video calls and the deal happened.

The Deal That Happened

The Deal Happened

After us, I and the prospective customer agreed. The dream project begins.

And I can't describe my current position in that job. Because I do all the things in the waterfall theory


To be continued in the next part.

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