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Digital resources for remote workers and digital nomads

darksmile92 profile image Robin Kretzschmar ・5 min read

Curated List of 200+ Digital Nomad Resources

That is how the site Nomadpick describes itself.

Nomadpick is a good collection of resources for digital nomads and remote workers alike. Even though I work remotely just a couple of days a week, I found useful resources there. I will summarize what to expect from each topic to give you a feeling if it's worth checking out for you. But you can just also go to Nomadpick directly and check it out yourself.

What kind of resources:


In this category you have a huge list of known online platforms like AirBnB, and Momondo, but also less known and local sites like Flipkey, Agoda and Priceline.
What's really nice about it is that there are the mentioned smaller or lesser known platforms which can be of use even for vacation (see Retreat ) if you plan on staying only a couple of days or have missed the connecting flight and need to stay a night in town on budget.


Just 10 blogs listed here as of now. But those blogs give you a really good insight of how other nomads organize themselves, how they plan trips, how they work abroad, what they experienced in certain areas and quite good tips between the lines for good local food and coffee 😉


They listed books with topics like how to travel on small budget, how to organize yourself, to enhance your productivity and keep yourself healthy. Especially "The 4-hour work week" from Tim Ferris is a book I have read more than one time since he released it and I regulary listen to his podcast (5 Bullet Friday).
These books don't cost a fortune, so check them out and read them.


Everybody knows big communities like Reddit and Quora have many topics of digital nomads, remote working and related stuff but sometimes it is hard to find.
Besides the dedicated sites for meeting other nomads and network with them, they also linked reddit and quora topics so you can directly dive in without searching for the right subreddit or topic on those sites.


Sometimes it gets lonely to work while travelling or even if you just want to spend your homeoffice day not alone at home, there are good platforms to find a neat space to work with a good connection, a suitable office environment and other people with the same mindset. Sometimes it is enough to know others are just next door being productive to be productive.
Comes in handy also when your internet connection has trouble or you need to escape the family at home for a couple of hours to work efficiently.

Destination Guide

They not only have good articles / platforms to find attractions, hotels and restaurants when you plan on heading somehwere but also for sports and outdoor activities (gyms, fitness groups) and other tips from locals.
They also have some sites linked with audio guides to you can listen to them while travelling.


For freelancers it is sometimes hard to keep track on revenues, doing taxes and other stuff. There are some good things listed here to help you manage those administrative tasks like Manta for invoicing (contributed to it myself, so it is woth checking out in my opinion) and N26 for a good bank account without many fees, real times transfers and a credit card with real time balance updates to the account to make it easier to track expenses and plan ahead.


Skyscanner is now known by almost everyone but Hopper and other listed platforms here can get you pretty good flight deals and let you find the best time to fligh cheap and compare prices.
There are also clever services that help legitimize the journey (pre issued flight tickets and other stuff).

Food and Drink

Most of the services linked here are already known by almost everybody but it is good to have list with them to not forget checking all of them for recommendations where to eat and have a drink with nice atmosphere.


This topic is more for viewing once or when they add a new cool item but a good point to start when looking for good gear and get ideas on what to look out for.


Collection of Yoga-, Fitness-, Doctors- and Mindfulness apps. Also a good reference when looking for a app to start with yoga or getting a rough idea of treatments based on symptoms.


Listing of good insurance companies with travel-friendly rates.


Various tools, services and references like prepaid simcards, timezone info, translation and a service for automatic flight and hotel price protection. You will get paid when the price drops.

Passport and Visa

Sometimes it is hard to wrap your head around all the requirements and laws when travelling to certain countries even just for vacation. When you want to work there (even as freelancer), it could get more complicated sometimes. This section has good sites and references to support planning your trip like do you need a visa, which documents do you need, do you need to apply in advance for something etc.


Like the name says, it contains podcasts. Most of them are about travelling, find one's way around in a new area and such topics. I really like to get inspired from some of them. Just thinking about how they approach a new situation and transfer that to your hometown can get you complete new insights 😜

Remote Work

This section covers platforms for finding remote work. The list is missing Fiverr for example but contains also platforms which do not promote their site so heavily but have good resources also!


In my opinion one of the most valuable things! Digital nomad or not, you need to retreat yourself from time to time. What is better than working in a nice spot and enjoy it afterwards? There are some sites on the list which organize journeys for you while working remotely. They take you different kind of places where you can work during the day and enjoy the place afterwards. They also organize group trips to get to know the different places.

Travel Planning

Okay you got an idea where to go and you know what you have to get done for work. Maybe you also found a good deal for a flight. But what if not? Get some inspiration for your next trip and insights on where you can work best (WiFi, environment, flexibility etc).

Still here

Still reading? Thank you!
Everyone could just click on the link and explore Nomadpick on their own, but I wanted to share why I bookmarked the site and check it regularly especially because I am not a digital normad and what benefit it brings me 😊

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