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Growing and returning

It's been a while since I logged in and even longer since I wrote a post..

Been reading some of my past posts ranging from my aborted toxicity series to the contraversial VIM post that upset some people.

Sometimes it's worth looking back at what you once were like and maybe ask yourself have you grown from these.

First off I want to apologise to the people who took offense at my VIM post. I admit I deleted it in anger after reading a lot of hurtful comments on it attack my professionalism but I shouldn't have written it in the first place.

I think writing articles that attack a technology or even a tool without giving thought of how they could be improved is misguided. Maybe I could have written the article differently, maybe not attacking VIM but actually trying out and maybe giving thoughts on it. As one colleague once said to me don't bash it unless you know it.

Now to turn my attention to the toxicity articles.

When they started it was more about a retrospective on how I learnt from a toxic situation but gradually they became a way of bashing old colleagues or things that I hadn't learnt to let go of.

I think attacking people is just mean and probably isn't the place to air out your dirty laundry. This site is meant to be a positivr place of learning and inclusivity and other than the first two parts of the series the rest I am deleting.

I need to continue to grow and positively contribute to society as a whole.

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