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Learn React like a Pro

Hey folks.....

React.js is a world class library which allows the developers to build the complex designs in a minimum amount of time. We all are witnessing the growth of React these days.

Angular is loosing it's popularity against React.js. Most of the web developers are moving towards using the react.

Why to use React.js ?

  1. It has the wide variety of library support
  2. More library support allows the users to implement pre-built libraries which decreases the total length of code
  3. Easy to learn as it uses JavaScript
  4. Excellent structure with the component and routing management
  5. Complex UI can be developed easily
  6. No need to implement Ajax externally as it uses inbuilt Routing functionalities which prevents the page from reloading
  7. Request/Response time is quick

Learn React like a Pro :-

[note that basic knowledge of HTML, CSS & JavaScript is required to follow these steps]

  1. Start learning React as a language
    -> Link :-

  2. Develop & Run basic web designs built with the use of HTML/CSS

  3. Learn the structure of React.js & start adding external library support
    -> Suggested libraries for UI development are : MaterialUI, AntUI & Bootstrap

  4. Develop a mini project
    -> 1. Design the structure & component names

    1. Create the UI according to the selected Page name
    2. Start connecting the components with the use of Routing
  5. Develop the clone of a famous website & Add it into your Resume

Done !!!!!! I am hoping that it will be useful for you in your journey of learning React.js.

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