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My Tech Stack for building cool softwares

As a passionate software engineer, I've dedicated myself to mastering a diverse and powerful tech stack that empowers me to create innovative and efficient solutions. Here’s a deep dive into my tech stack and the projects that make me excited to wake up and code every day.

Kathan Mehta : Revealing my Tech Stack


  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python I leverage these languages for their robustness and versatility. HTML and CSS form the backbone of my web development, JavaScript and TypeScript enhance interactivity and type safety, and Python’s simplicity and readability make it my go-to for backend and AI-related tasks.


  • React, Next.js, Tailwind CSS, React Native, Node.js, Express, jQuery, WordPress, Shopify React and Next.js are my top choices for building dynamic and scalable front-end applications, while Tailwind CSS ensures my designs are sleek and responsive. For mobile, React Native bridges the gap between web and mobile platforms seamlessly. On the backend, Node.js with Express is a perfect duo for creating powerful APIs. For content-driven and e-commerce projects, WordPress and Shopify are indispensable.


  • Git, AWS, GCP, Azure, Docker, CI/CD Version control with Git is a fundamental part of my workflow, ensuring code integrity and collaboration. Cloud platforms like AWS, GCP, and Azure provide the infrastructure and scalability required for modern applications. Docker and CI/CD pipelines streamline development and deployment, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.


  • OpenAI, Dall-E, LLAMA Meta AI, Langchain SDK, Vercel AI SDK, Finetuning Models, Embedding Integrating AI into projects is a game-changer. From generative models like Dall-E to sophisticated language models using OpenAI and LLAMA Meta AI, I harness these tools to build intelligent and adaptive systems. Fine-tuning models and leveraging embeddings allow for customization and enhanced performance.


  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Firebase, Supabase Choosing the right database is crucial. MySQL and PostgreSQL are reliable for relational data, while MongoDB offers flexibility with NoSQL. Firebase and Supabase provide real-time capabilities and seamless integration with front-end technologies.

Deployment Platforms:

  • AWS, Render, Cloudflare, Huggingface Deploying applications efficiently is critical. AWS is a powerhouse for scalable deployments, while Render simplifies the process with managed services. Cloudflare ensures my applications are fast and secure, and Huggingface is perfect for deploying AI models.

Python Based Web:

  • FastAPI, Flask, Streamlit For rapid development and prototyping, FastAPI and Flask are my preferred frameworks, offering simplicity and performance. Streamlit is a fantastic tool for building and sharing data applications quickly.

Payment Integrations:

  • Stripe, PayPal, Lemon Squeezy Incorporating secure and reliable payment solutions like Stripe, PayPal, and Lemon Squeezy is essential for software projects, ensuring a smooth and trustworthy transaction experience.

Embracing these TECHNICAL SKILLS has empowered me to create and contribute to projects that are not only functional but also cutting-edge. Here are a couple of personal projects you can build to improve your technical skills:

  • AI-Powered E-commerce Recommendation Engine
  • Real-Time Chat Application with AI Moderation
  • AI-Driven Content Generation Platform
  • Personal Finance Tracker with AI Insights
  • AI-Powered Image Captioning Web App
  • E-learning Platform with AI Tutoring

These projects will leverage your diverse tech stack and provide opportunities to create innovative solutions across various domains, from e-commerce to education, all while incorporating AI capabilities for enhanced functionality.

Each project I undertake is a learning journey, and I'm always excited to push the boundaries of what's possible with technology. Let's connect and explore the endless possibilities together!

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