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Recommend a Simple Kafka UI Tool

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I'm looking for recommendations for a simple UI -based tool that will help

  • viewing lists of Kafka topics,
  • viewing Consumer groups for each topics
  • viewing messages for a topic
  • post test messages to a topic

The audience would be developers who are using Kafka and could use a simple tool within their test environments.

I found a couple of tools:

I'm looking for recommendations of more tools

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Benjamin Buick • Edited

Xeotek KaDeck

If you are looking for a free comprehensive Apache Kafka UI / topic browser to analyse your data in Apache Kafka and to monitor and test your applications, give Xeotek KaDeck a try.

KaDeck is completely free:
KaDeck Desktop and runs as native desktop application on Mac OS, Win, Linux.
KaDeck Web runs as a web service (docker container).

Included are 12 codecs, attribute filters (filtering structured data objects by attributes), using javascript for complex queries and data transformation, the ability to easily start a local broker instance from within KaDeck, security protocols, support for record headers (and types!), a variety of data ingestion capabilities and so much more.

The web version includes role-based access, team management and audit logs.

Go to to find out more about the free version of Xeotek KaDeck.

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Martin Schneppenheim • Edited

Kowl - Free & Open source WebUI for Kafka

Kowl preview

I'm one of the authors of Kowl ( and compared to the listed solution I think it stands out by it's superior UI/UX. When deserializing messages you don't have to select Codecs, it automatically detects the appropriate codec! The UI does not overwhelm you with a lot of information, it has a proper JSON viewer (Protobuf, Avro, XML messages are rendered as JSON as well). It is also lightweight (written in Go and React) and easy to run (docker container without dependencies).

Last but not least: It's open source and therefore it does not have any restrictions like a user limitation, or a web version which has to be paid for. Support is also available via Discord or GitHub :-).

We do have a business version which offers additional features like audit logging in Kowl, Authentication & Authorization around Kowl etc.. These features are mostly relevant for larger organizations where Kowl is used by hundreds of users.

Documentation can be found here:

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Emil Koutanov

I would add Kafdrop to your go-to list as far as Kafka web UI goes. It shows you broker stats, let's you browse topics, view consumer groups and their lag. It runs in Docker, and it's completely free (Apache licensed).

If you need a CLI, KafkaCat is definitely it. Much more usable than the console tools that come with Kafka.

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Adar Hilsenrat

If you use Confluent Kafka, you can check Confluent Control Center as well.

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Tore Gard

It is not free. 30 days ev.

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