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re: Perspectives on how to be an effective software architect VIEW POST


In my opinion, an architect is the person that should be aware of the main basis of the entire system, and take the responsibility of the architectonic design. Should be a monolithic application or microservices-based? How many components should we make? How will be the communication between processes / other systems? Should we use a NAS for store the content or can we use blobs at database? Will be neccesary a CDN / Akamai service? Thats the kind of stuff that he or she must take care. No talking with the stakeholders, and not to make resources management at all. For that purpose, there is a project manager or functional analist. There are totally different things in my opinion. Could an architect manage projects? It could be, but that is not the main point of that role.

On the other hand, i would like to recommend the article "Who needs an archictect?" from Martin Fowler. I think that the differences of the "Architectus Reloadus" and "Architectus Oryzus" are faced from a good point of view

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