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Is it worth creating an Udemy course?

I am considering creating an Udemy course about "Real Embedded C++ development on Arduino."
However, I am concerned that I will put a lot of effort into the course, but that it will not be worth it in the end.

Do you have any experience with something like this? What is your opinion?

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Volker B. Duetsch

Some ideas:

  • I like Udemy. I got > 500 Udemy courses in my account. But watched to 100% < 10!
  • Try to find out if there is sufficient demand for the topic. What good is the best course if only a few people are interested in the subject and pay accordingly?
  • Do a sample calculation of what you actually earn minus all costs and commissions from Udemy and minus taxes and necessary investments (e.g. microphone etc.)
  • Think also about additional platforms where you can sell (e.g. gumroad, ko-fi) / market (reddit) it. Maybe youtube with ads?