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Have been building an open source accounting system with features for programmers.

I've been building an open source accounting system as a COVID project which is designed to give programmers the features they expect so that they can automate their financials. These include RPC endpoints so you can communicate to the system with your scripts, and control over the SQL database so you can analyse your financials using your business analytics tool of choice.

I've also very recently developed a Web GUI frontend for the system so you can do basic interactions with the system. The demo for this can be seen here:

Ideally the project will give people all the features you need to fully automate your financials from start to finish. Next up on the roadmap is to build in bank feeds and reconciliations. Then aiming build in cryptocurrency gains calculations.

Would love to hear what people think about it!


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Andrew Baisden

Seems like a really cool project keep up the good work.

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Will G

This looks great! I'll keep an eye on this project and see how it progresses.