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The power of 'focus music' for programmers

Darcy on January 19, 2020

👋 If you've developed a seriously high tolerance for caffeine like me, you may want to read on 🤔. Quickly after working full-time as a developer... [Read Full]
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Looks like we both are on same page. I have also cut off the coffee intake, I no more start my day at work with coffee. I start with a glass of water, then I goto youtube, search programming music, put on headphones and there I go. It always works for me.
Thanks for sharing man!


I prefer listening to Game OSTs, like final fantasy, it gives me a buzz because I remember how I felt when I played the game, there are no lyrics which means I don't sing along.

Overall it's a great boost as I want to listen and I don't get board.


Fair! I'm simply too likely to start singing along with Kelly.... 😄

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