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Show dev.to: a 130 pages free book about web-scraping

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Hi everyone,

2 years ago, I left my job full-time and joined Kevin to take the indie-hacker road.

We had some ups and downs.

We tanked our first product, a price monitoring application, that never managed to make money even 9 months after launch.

Nevertheless, we persisted and then launched ScrapingBee, a web-scraping API.

I don't know if you've been following our open report on Twitter or IndieHacker but currently, ScrapingBee is making around $4k per month.

It is far from being enough to make a living out of it but we feel like we are onto something and work hard every-day to make it work.

Java Web Scraping Handbook

Today we are excited to release a 130 pages about web scraping, for free.

We don't even ask about your email.

The first four chapters are language agnostic, and the last can be applied to any language, so don't be scared if you don't know Java 😃

By the end of the book, you will know:

  • How to scrape any website
  • Just enough XPath / Regex / DOM knowledge to be dangerous 😈
  • How to deal with Javascript-heavy websites (Single Page application...)
  • How to programmatically perform actions on a website behind a login form 🤖
  • Parse information inside PDFs 📑
  • Bypass captchas ⛔️
  • Deploy your scrapers in the cloud ☁️

The book is available here.

Happy Scraping

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Could you share a link to the book or download page, I would love to read that. I can't seem to find it :) checked sites as well.


Appreciate it... I guess I need another cup of coffee :)


Hi Pierre, thanks again for sharing the book.
If I only can learn one language to web-scrape, which one should it be (.ie the best language for web-scraping)?.