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Game of Stakes: Registration Is Open!

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Viva gaming, as the DAOBet (ex — DAO.Casino) team is on the threshold of an important stage in the development of its main product – the platform for blockchain-based gaming in the best spirit of decentralization.
That is just the end goal, but there are so many more exciting events on the way to it. And one of them is that now anyone can already launch their own node in the testing of our blockchain mainnet. Even better than that, soon all DAOBet users will be able to make use of their own unique DAOWallet, which will become a faithful assistant in working with the DAOBet ecosystem. But wait, there’s more in store for our dear community members.

Join Now!

Prior to the launch of the mainnet, it is hard to ensure that validator nodes are secure enough and attack-proof. That is why DAOBet will be running a testnet game to troubleshoot any issue and check worst-case scenarios for a subsequent smooth and secure mainnet launch.

Strong social, economic and technical strategies are a must for validators who dare enter the perilous competition. The game will require players to monitor their software status while organizing a robust defense against treacherous net attacks and vile non-cartel validators. The prize is worth the effort, as a lot of BET tokens are at stake, or 0.3% of the total issuance of BET tokens.

At its core, Game Of Stakes is a collective IT game of applicants for the role of a network validator, in which they compete in their abilities to protect the network from external and internal attacks and provide network users with a stable service operation. The participants will be required to:

  • Produce blocks in a stable fashion. The signed blocks will be counted as Validator Points;
  • Build a fault-tolerant infrastructure for the node and maintain its operation in as stable a manner as possible;
  • Cope with high loads and network attacks;
  • Update the software version quickly and conduct a hard fork together with other validators;
  • Use the network, send transactions and understand the voting procedure.

During the event, DAOBet will run the full working copy of its future mainnet. Important scenarios, such as attacks, code updates, governance issues and others will be launched at random times, forcing the validators to find a way to come out victorious. All the processes will be transparent, public and can be monitored inside the blockchain.

A total of 500 000 Bet will be shared among the top-3 validators which will accumulate the most validator points. And it can be yours!

All necessary information regarding participation, minimal technical requirements, and rules of conduct will be published in the validator channel on Telegram.

If you have the resources to become our validator or are simply interested in participating, then share this message with your friends, spend a couple of minutes on filling out a special form and join our game chat.

Are you up to the challenge? Do you have what it takes to withstand against hordes of attackers vying for your node? Can you survive in the brutal world of blockchain validation, or will you succumb under the first wave of threats? Test your strength and join the event!

So we do hope you are more than interested right now. Want to know more and take part as a validator? Join our validator’s chat, register to the game and watch out for news.

Let the Game of Stakes begin. And let the strongest and smartest be victorious!

Join the discussion in DAOBet Telegram groups:

Join our social media to keep up to date with all the announcements: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


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