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MJSQ 101: Why not touch global scope?

More JavaScript Questions 101(MJSQ 101):

Continuing from my original blog post, I give you more javascript 101 questions answered!:

Question this week:

Why is it, in general, a good idea to leave the global scope of a website as-is and never touch it?

I thought Yangshun's explanation is concise so I'll just leave it here verbatim:

Every script has access to the global scope, and if everyone uses the global namespace to define their variables, collisions will likely occur. Use the module pattern (IIFEs) to encapsulate your variables within a local namespace.

That's all for today, please leave any comments/questions/corrections in the comments. Thanks!


Huge huge thanks to github user: yangshun for aggregating the most popular JS, CSS and HTML questions and giving us his answers to it. My weekly blog posts are to go over several questions at a time to reinforce my knowledge of fundamental javascript as I grow my expertise in it. Many of my blog will be paraphrasing if not direct quotes from his github. Find his tech interview handbook here and please support him!

And an additional thank you to Flatiron alum: Marissa O. who is a badass developer at Forbes magazine for directing me to his blog!

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