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Discussion on: It is hard.

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Dan Stockham • Edited on

In my experience, my first serious language when I started learning software development was JavaScript. I'm in a much better place now and have succeeded. However, if I had to do it all over again I would of chose a much more mature language like Ruby or C#.

Like what Swann Polydor, JavaScript is an anarchic system that any beginner trying to build anything real-world is going to be caught with their head spinning and more than likely: a.) give up and assume they're not cut out to be a dev or b.) get through out but pick up a lot of bad habits while learning.

But I won't pull anyone's leg here, code is hard even with these mature languages.

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Opeyemi Stephen Author

It sure is Dan...I feel a lot much better talking about these things with "strangers" who understand and actually know what the experience feels like.

I have spoken to a few friends I have but they do not really understand so all they say is "You'll be fine".

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Dan Stockham

Software Development is a pursuit done in solitude majority of time. A lot discovery is done by oneself while working on your own ideas. Yes, it does propel ones career when you do your work with others, or on a team. However, the learning process really comes down to the individual.

The encouragement from friends even in passing acknowledgement I wouldn't discredit. You have to take the support you can get no matter how small it is