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Is there an article about the creation of

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I was scrolling through Ben Halpern's "infinite" list of articles, comments, reactions, etc, in the hope of finding some article about the creation of

Couldn't find one... If one is existing, can someone point me to the link?


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Hmmm probably nothing super satisfying. I could make a post. If anyone has specific curiosities it could act as a good jumping off point.

Here's an AMA I did a little while back

Edit: wrote the post


Thanks for the links! Good reads!

But it would be sooooo interesting to know the whole story, how did you start doing it (technically, but not only...), how did the design come about (from idea to iterations to what we have now), how was launch, what were the hurdles, plans for the future, etc etc...

I love this site and I am sure it would be an inspiring story to read for me and many others :)

Pretty please? ;)


I am at awe, single handedly created it ???? What is the technology in the backend?Really an amazing site and concept.


I "created" it alone but I've had a great small team and co-founders for a while now. Definitely couldn't be making progress without everybody's work ethic, attitude and complementary skills.

Here's a bit about the tech stack, but this could stand to be re-addressed with changes.


Wrote a brain dump in response to this post:

Sorry it's not a better written article πŸ˜„


Thanks a lot Ben. I was happy and surprised to see how accessible you were :) Makes me like DEV.TO even more haha


I was happy and surprised to see how accessible you were

I'm super accessible on Less good at answering my emails πŸ˜„

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