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VR Mock Coding Interview - Coding Interview - Longest Palindromic Substring

Verdict: Pass
Score: 5/5

Coding: 5
Communication: 5
Problem Solving: 5
Inspection: 3
Review: 5

Leetcode #5 - Longest Palindromic Substring (

The candidate did an excellent job. He had seen the problem during his practice, but was still able to explain the details of an optimal solution and bring the interviewer along for the ride. He coded the solution fluently, and reviewed thoroughly. Excellent work.

What they did well

  • Able to code the optimal solution quickly
  • Explained his thinking
  • Drew out an example and walked me through it
  • Was able to deduce the runtime and space complexity confidently
  • Handled questions from the interviewer really well

What could be better

  • Nothing significant that needed to be improved on.
  • As an interviewer, I would have loved to see more of the problem solving process involved with coming up with the solution with more questions about the inputs and outputs. But since the candidate was able to so clearly articulate the solution I disregarded this.

Check out the full interview:

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