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Discussion on: What's the state of Ruby? Is it trending down for good or just settling in to a mature niche role?

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Daniel Cherubini

I really love the syntax of ruby, I love the language. Rails can be a little too opinionated but it's still great because it forces a structure that is great for new devs to wrap their heads around.

But ultimately the reason I'll never ever use ruby in production is performance. It's just so slow compared to other language. It's something that's a little disconcerting that in all these years the core ruby team hasn't seemed to fix the performance issues in the language.

This is of course not a problem for hobbies or to learn with. But for production where performance is super important, ruby is just too slow compared to its competition.

Node, Golang, or Swift are just way more performant, with node being easy to use, golang being very performant but slightly harder, and swift falling somewhere in between both performance and difficulty. The three of these aren't as fast to prototype in as Ruby on Rails.

It's sad, the one language/framework that's truly super fast and easy to get something built, just happens to be one of the worst at scale.

Also worth mentioning that recently the mastodon project is a large scale project that uses a hybrid approach. A Node API, Ruby for database, and server stuff. With react for client stuff. It's the first project I've seen in a while using ruby.

I think it was chosen (I'm guessing here) because of the amazing database upgrade and rollback abilities of Ruby.