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Dan Lebrero
Dan Lebrero

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Software development and LEGO blocks

As I hear for the nth time the "Composable as LEGO blocks" analogy in some software related talk, I cannot stop thinking about my childhood's experience with LEGO, which to be honest has not improved over the years:

Software as LEGO blocks

Once you try to assembly you very own toy, you end up with at best a pitiful monstrosity that barely looks as what you imagined ... unless you have an infinite amount of pieces and a hell of a lot of time on your hands.

It happens that this is not a lot different from my experience building software, so maybe the LEGO analogy actually works:

You never have the right tools, frameworks and/or people.

You never have enough time.

And you always end up with a monstrosity

that barely resembles what, in your imagination,

that beautiful design and architecture looked like.

I have to confess that I have always been a Playmobil kid (or a Click-fan for those Spaniards old enough!).

Software and Playmobil

Not being able to bend the elbow still sucks but, who cares? Playmobil FTW!

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Rob Halff

Thanks, this actually motivates me to keep trying and make it a reality anyway.

As even the best designed architectures currently look something like this at most: :-)

Alt text of image

I agree that it's mainly a lack of time, tooling and resources why it's not a reality yet.