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Java with a Clojure mindset

Dan Lebrero on November 27, 2019

In this talk, using a real application as an example, we will learn how to build and design Java applications that follow Clojure's functional prin... [Read Full]
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As someone just starting out on their clojure journey this post looks excellent. Bookmarking it for a proper read tomorrow !


I'm taking baby steps. Solving little problems I've solved in other languages. Such as 2d cellular automata . I wanted to pick a language that was so different to what I am used to. And a good friend of mine has been trying to get me to learn Lisp for ages, so I opted for Clojure.

I can asure you is different and a very good choice!

I feel it bending my brain already. I'm thinking about solving things in a different way.


Man, that post is great and some of the slides really made me laugh :) Nice work! I'm just starting my Clojure journey. The biggest challenge was to find the right editor setup at the very beginning that would allow efficient work like debugging, refactoring, contextual help etc. I progress with Emacs, very slowly, as I have problems to devote enough weekly time for this and be systematic but already see some effects. Which editor do you use?


Hi Marcin,

Thanks a lot for the feedback!

I always suggest everybody to not learn two things at the same time, and honestly, leaning Clojure and Emacs at the same time will be extremely frustrating.

My recommendation is to use whatever IDE/Editor you are used to. Right now most of them have some kind of Clojure support/plugin.

I personally use Intellij + Cursive plugin (, not free), which allows me to "reuse" most of my Intellij shortcuts.

Good luck on your journey!



I've seen clojure examples before but these seemed less scary this time around, great post.

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