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What is Object oriented programming sef?

object oriented programming - (OOP):
is a collection of objects that with each other by
passing messages that transform their state."

Danities this confusing, ok hold let me explain...

In order to understand OOP, we need to understand what objects are in programming, and in order to understand object we need to understand primitive data types.

Primitive-data-types are a set of basic data types from which all other data types are constructed. Think of this as least minimal of data.

Specifically it often refers to data types that store single, simple values some primitive data types in JavaScript are:
Boolean, Strings, Symbol, Number, BigInt, NuLL, Undefined.

Now, an object is an instance of a class - a class is blueprint(template) of an object.

The 4 principles of #OOP are
encapsulation, abstraction, polymorphism and inheritance. Major object-
oriented languages are C++,Java JavaScript etc.

more on this.....

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