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Operating System To Use As a Developer.

The battle for leads among OS providers has been on since time in-memorial, the unique advantage the OS providers like MacOS and Windows have back in the 80's and till date is that, they equally provides hardware for there OS (eg WindowOS for Windows system and MacOS for Apple system)

But the release of Linux by Linus Torvalds in the early 90's unseemly looks like not a threat to these OS providers, little did they know that Linux being an Open source has great potential as most companies move to VM(Virtual Machines, also called Cloud services)for their computing solutions.

Initially Linux was released with a small line of codes but now it has grown to 23+ Millions of codes excluding comment, this is made possible by the powers open source brings to the table.

Today AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform etc all use some form of Linux (40% of Microsoft Azure's Virtual Machines run on Linux). These are popular Cloud service providers. Linux is a natural fit for cloud computing: modular, performant, efficient, and easy to scale.

Go learn Linux.

What Linux can bring to the table:
Ease of installation
Very easy to install
Every developer is using(that is what I thought 🤞)
It is Open source - It has great Developer community
Once you learn it, you would never leave it.

Speaking to myself - Danities as a beginner Developer brace yourself and learn Linux OS, it would expose you to the future - Cloud is the future and the Cloud is here already

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