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My new Consistency - Learning in Public

I realized after studying, practicing, I get confused sometimes not knowing what I learned - it is funny right?

Imagine studying streaming and eventEmitter in JavaScript and while scrolling my social media someone post a question “what is the different between evetEmitters and events listener in JavaScript” and I go blah blah blah - wow Danitiest are you saying you don't know this, you must be kidding right, guy forget it you don't know, stop deceiving yourself, you don't know, you don't know(This is me talking to myself of course).

It down on me that I needed a feedback mechanism and system to checkmate my learning process.

The first thought that comes to my head was "why not #learnInPublic?" The next was "how do I learn in public?" I moved to google immediately and stumbled on “The Coding Career Handbook” written by the almighty swyx.

I love the way he structure the book and his down to earth simple way of putting words - I recommend it, read it, I assure you, it would lead you to make some right decisions as software developer

Back to our gist.

After studying some chapters(9 and 34) in the book I decided to start with creating two productive google chrome extensions that has been on my mind for awhile now:

  1. URL Shortener: I realize I have been using this app online everyday recently, whenever I am preparing my DSA leedcode/hackerank solutions to share them on my social media, I have to use the shortener, several occassions my followers called my attention to shortened link that is not working(the shortener didn't do the right shortening), I have to use another app to shorten it right. I was like Danities, you are a software developer, why not build your own URL shortener? Join me as I create one with JavaScript/Nodejs

  2. YouTube video downloader and mp3 converter - I download short tutorials videos and music on YouTube much. I told myself think it is better I use this to learn how streaming and pub/sub works in Nodejs.

I am going to build this extension in public join me guys.

Please I call on more experience and good observers to correct me if I am wrong, that is the idea of bringing it to the public right?

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