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Javascript is Really Fun If You Can Do This

Javascript is really fun if you can follow this simple steps i am going to share with you.

If your perception about Javascript or coding in general is coding is hard, i am here to proof you wrong.

The question is how?

First thing first I would need you to clear any previous doubt or perception you have about Javascript or coding. Allow me take you through this journey at my own pace and concepts.

1. Don't Allow Future Decision Stop You From Progressing Now;

The big mistake must of us beginners have is that we are always looking for an easy way out, the frequently asked question by beginners when starting their coding career is which framework do I use (To be frank we have a lots of them) but knowing the fundamentals is very important, if you don't know the fundamental of Javascript or any other programming language using their framework can not be fun for you. it is very important that you don't allow your desire to create apps and website,stop you from having fun while you learn.

One way to have fun while learning is to have a road map for learning. for example to be a front-end developer your road map may look like this

Alt Text
Seeing road map like this make things fun, you focus on things accordingly.

2. Approach Practice With The Right Mindset;

Many beginners see code practice as boring or repetitive, so they often skip or follow shortcuts, if you follow shortcuts in your Javascript practice, you would end up taking longer time to learn.
The next question is, how do I make my practice fun?

try this mindset shift;

When you learn something new in **Javascript, try treating it like a new car, new toy, something exciting that you really want to use. After that, don't practice like you are working, practice like you are having fun, twist your codes here and there, change the colors, do something new with your code, do a small project then show it to your friends, share it on your social media - Just have fun with it.

With more fun mindset you would learn faster, you would also retain good memory of what you have learned.

3. Write a Complex Code in A Simpler Language First:

If a piece of code is going to be complex or unfamiliar then write it in a language you understand better(pseudo code) first, that way you would know what you want the code to do before you even write the code. This allow you write your code faster and easier because there would be no need to think deeply before writing. It would also makes you avoid bugs in your code.

4. Practice Completing Javascript Exercises And Challenges:

Once you have gainer some knowledge about J*avascript* you need to start challenging yourself - Take challenges as a fun way to proof you know something. The best way to do this is through free online Javascript exercise and challenges. You can find this simply by searching for 'Javascript exercise and challenges for beginners' on google search or any search engine of your choice.
This would equally give you the opportunity to draw knowledge from what you have learned to solve the challenge.

If you want to really have fun through exercise and challenges I would suggest you practice on Hacker Rank or Hacker Earth.

The best way to learn anything is to turn it fun. Let go over what we have learned so far:

  1. learn the fundamentals
  2. Have the right mindset
  3. Use plain language first when writing complex projects
  4. Do some Javasript exercise and challenges on Hacker Rank and Hacker Earth

Happy Coding folks

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Well describe bro❤️