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Discussion on: Four lessons I learned from maintaining a 10k stars project on Github

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Danilo Woznica Author • Edited on

I agree, there are a lot of guys out there who instead of encouraging to release and trying out a new open-source project, would rather put you down.

But I would say, it's a good sign when people waste their time talking about this shit, like "meh, this is useless, I can do the same thing using X and Y" ; because as I could see, they don't have a similar project, they can't do the same using X or Y, they just want to discourage, because they would like to do the project instead.

In fact, I usually suggest to my friends to release open-source project regardless if it's a "copy" of an existing one, or it's just solving a small problem. The rewarding parts might come even if there are no stars at all in your project.

As I said, the measure of a successful project is not only stars but also how you feel about that.

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Ian Kirker

they just want to discourage, because they would like to do the project instead.

"The imaginary package I have half-designed in my head is so much more elegant than yours."
-- someone who doesn't actually need to solve this problem

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Olivier Guimbal • Edited on

Totally agree. Go tell Evan You that he shouldnt have started Vuejs because Angular or React was already a thing... I'm pretty sure he faced that same critique back then.

It is nonetheless not pleasant to read. So you just have to be prepared to face:

  • A substential amount of potentially soul destroy critiscism (even though you're working for free)
  • A somewhat dehumanized ROI (very few people actually say "thanks")
  • A non negligible amount of work in order to communicate around your project (or have luck to see it go viral)

But yes, apart from that, if you're not misplacing your hopes in seeing your hard work becoming the next React, working on OS is very cool. You just have to be aware that there is little relationship between quality of your work and stars.

ps: thanks for your ⭐😏