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Learning faster with Cone of Learning

How many times have you wondered how you could learn something faster, understand it easier, remember easier? Well, this text is not an answer to these questions for you.

This text is, actually, a set of learning around the Cone of Learning that helped me to understand and improve my way of learning, developing, improve myself.

Cone of Learning is a visual representation of two forms of learning: active and passive. It was developed by Edgar Dale with the purports to inform viewers of how much people remember based on how they encounter information.

Cone of Learning Example

Active and Passive Learning
Briefly, the active learning way encompasses activities that when done return a higher result. Passive Learning, on the other hand, encompasses those where your return will not be so high.

Riding a bike
In practice, let's imagine that you want to learn to ride a bicycle. You can pick up and read articles about, watch videos, tutorials. That would be a passive way to learn. And consequently, the return of what you want will take a little longer (in this case I believe it is even difficult to have this return).

At that moment a friend looks at you and says “you need to learn by doing if you want to ride a bike one day”. We then have our active form.

The cool thing about the cone of learning is that you can apply it in any scenario in life and you can also combine both forms of learning to achieve the desired result.

In Code
I like to use the same concept for code. I spent a lot of time reading, watching tutorials, courses, and so on. Time passed and I didn't feel that it helped me to move forward. When I decided to start breaking down, doing real things, applying ideas, that's when I evolved.

I sought to find a place where I could start applying these concepts in real life. So, if I could advise you, I would tell you to go to places where you can and have the freedom to code, apply concepts, live the real life.

A place where you break the master, make a wrong commit, spend more time on an issue because you were in the wrong file. Because you will only avoid this in the future once you've been through it or gone through it with you.

In our team we say that we are not smarter, we have only been through that before.

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Beatriz Oliveira

great post, I will apply it to my learnings o/

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Guddeti Ajay Manikanta ⭐⭐⭐

Awesome…!! I have to practice whatever you are saying otherwise i will be in passive..!! Thanks for the post

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Akinn Rosa • Edited

very good!

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Ítalo Santana


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Guilherme Dinardi


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angelo rogerio rubin

Como alguem citou uma vez: "é preciso falhar rapidamente e estar pronto para prosseguir".