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Ann Otter Way To Secure Exchange


Have you ever needed to send sensitive information, like a generated password, but felt uncomfortable transmitting it via email or MS Teams? The recipient doesn't have Threema, or you don't want the info in your personal chat history?

I've encountered this situation many times in the past. This need led me to create a small open-source tool. Feel free to use it or even improve it!

My personal highlights of the project

πŸ’‘ Simplicity and security are the main focus. The password is encrypted in the client's browser, and a URL for sharing is generated. The secret can only be retrieved once before it is permanently deleted.

πŸ’» The tool is fully open-source, allowing everyone to analyze the code in detail. My goal was to create a lightweight yet security-oriented project.

πŸͺ… Texts and logos can be customized as needed.

πŸš€ The system can be set up on any Docker-capable platform in just a few minutes.

I invite you to try out the application and look forward to your feedback!

You could find the project on Github:


The tool was deliberately written in vanilla JavaScript with minimal Bootstrap. The backend server is a small .NET 8 application, and the database system can either be an embedded SQLite database or a remote PostgreSQL DB.

I would be delighted if the hours invested in this application could benefit even more people, and I invite you to use the tool.

I invite you to try out the application and look forward to your feedback!


Example of Secure Exchange

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