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XDC.Dev Aims to Host One Million Blockchain Developers to Code on Hybrid Applications

Blockchain technology daily welcomes thousands of newbie developers around the globe. Blockchain is penetrating almost every industry and creating a revolution; this led to an increase in the rate of developers from various fields shifting themselves towards blockchain and Dapp development. Developers forum is the first step for experienced developers to be an icon for the newbies by sharing their knowledge. For the newbie, forums are the best education center to learn with hands-on experience and expert guidance.

Community-based Forums are a great place to learn, share, and troubleshoot. XDC.Dev is one of the largest online communities of software and blockchain developers.

What is XDC.Dev?

XDC.Dev is an open-source platform where blockchain developers write articles, participate in discussions, build their professional profiles and bring millions of developers together. Developers rely on networked learning and collaboration, and this platform is precisely the solution. It aims to get at least one million developers together to code hybrid applications and help the new developers join the space.

Why XDC.Dev ?

This developer's forum does not spam the readers with any Ads, which gives a good experience of learning to the community without any intervention. The signup process is straightforward, with minimum details required to register with XDC.Dev. People can follow each other and get notified when they post a new article, and people can change their theme to make themself different from other users; also, it is newbie-friendly. The contents posted on the forum are indexed in google and linked with Google News, giving you more exposure to your content.

Developers Community can use XDC.Dev in Multiple Ways.

  • Communities can share the developer's Guide and instructions to gain exposure among developers and improve with their suggestions in the forum.
  • Product owners can share Technical Tutorials on a product or Dapp in detail.
  • Content authors can publish blogs under an organization and can group posts into a series.
  • Technical YouTubers can share their video with content to the developers' community.
  • Different Communities can share technical events such as hackathons and bounties with the developers. forums welcome experienced and newbie developers to share their knowledge and build a strong blockchain developers community. Forums play a vital role in knowledge sharing and implanting innovations in the space.

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