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Apache AGE visualization with AGE Viewer

Graph databases provide a powerful way to store and analyze interconnected data. Apache Age, built on PostgreSQL, Utilizes the strength of both relational databases and graph databases. Age Viewer complements this by offering a great visualization tool for understanding graph structures. In this article, we'll explore the process of connecting Apache Age with Age Viewer, enabling seamless visualization of graph data.

Step 1: Installation of Apache Age and Age Viewer

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Step 2: Setting up Apache Age for Graph Visualization
Once installed, configure Apache Age to enable graph visualization. Start by creating a graph within Apache Age using the relevant SQL commands or by importing existing data. Ensure that the database schema adheres to the graph structure you wish to visualize.

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Step 3: Establishing the Connection
To connect Apache Age with Age Viewer, utilize Age Viewer's connection functionality. Provide the necessary credentials and connection details within Age Viewer's interface to establish a link with your Apache Age database. This step ensures that Age Viewer can retrieve and display the graph data stored in Apache Age.

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Step 4: Visualizing Graph Data
Once connected, use Age Viewer's interface to visualize graph data fetched from Apache Age:

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Connecting Apache Age with Age Viewer enhances the capabilities of graph database management. By bridging the gap between data storage and visualization, users can gain deeper insights into complex relationships within their datasets. This integration streamlines the process of understanding graph structures, making it accessible and comprehensible for users across various domains.

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