What project-based tutorial would you recommend to React beginners?

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I've started learning React and I'm trying to find a few project-based tutorials for React beginners. I followed the official React tutorial - the Tic-Tac-Toe game -, which is good, but I was wondering what other tutorials are there. I'm looking for tutorials that go through building something from scratch.


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I'm not a React dev, but found this a while ago and it's a very nice list:


There's a "Web Application" section with some react project-based tutorials


Thanks everyone for the suggestions! They are really great, exactly what I needed.

For the moment, I've started the course recommended by Linus, I really like the way Brad Traversy teaches. I even recommended the course to others, they were really impressed.

Thanks again everyone!


Personally, something which makes use of the core concepts quite heavily;
state, immutability, props, controlled vs uncontrolled.

A few good example ones would be:

  • Checkers Game
  • Tic-Tac-Toe Game
  • Todo app
  • Calculator
  • Weather App (using a fetch endpoint)

I really recommend Brad Traversy's React front to back tutorial on Udemy udemy.com/course/modern-react-fron...


Project management systems. Implement features like task tracking, a kanban board, etc.


Wes Bos has a nice course, in which he builds a project from scratch.


It's not free, but if you can invest ~$100, it's a great course.

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