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Daniel Houston
Daniel Houston

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What's in your bookmarks?

A rare urge to clear out my bookmarks struck me tonight; and I thought why not share some pages I clearly thought were worth remembering with the community.

A large list of public apis:

Now - Serverless application deployments:

Introduction to Capture the Flag:

109 Mental Models:

Ngrok - introspectable tunnels to localhost:


Care to share some long forgotten gems from your bookmarks?

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Gonzalo Aragón

Hi, it’s Gonzalo. I’m the solo developer of, a web app for bookmark lovers.

My main goal is make this project open source and I hope the platform never shows ads, nor share your data with third parties.

Could you please try it and give me your feedback? Thank you.

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Geoff Stevens

One of my favorites: The Website Obesity Crisis:

Always a fun read and a nice reminder.