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How do you handle the European Court decision regarding Privacy Shield?

The European Court decided that the Privacy Shield is invalid and therefore it is not allowed to move data from European Customers to the United States for processing.

Anyone working for a European company?
What are you or your company now doing regarding this decision and not being fined?

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Ben Sinclair

I don't work for a European company - because Brexit - but if I did, I'd most likely handle it by doing nothing. Why? Because I wouldn't have been storing people's data in a foreign state with the US' reputation for privacy in the first place. My company would have been taking their customers' privacy seriously for years by this point.

This should only affect the "bad actors".

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So you use a self build authorization system and not something like Auth0?

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We implemented a Data Governance feature at ConfigCat, so customers can decide if they want to their data distributed globall or only to the EU based CDN. Being a European comapny we reviwed all our sub-contractors an swaped the ones who fall under the FISA 702 regulations. Not sure what else to be done. Seems like we are going to face region based data handling issues more often in the future.

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