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Daniel Parmenvik
Daniel Parmenvik

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Looking for an alternative to npm Enterprise? Look no further than Bytesafe!

Npm Enterprise will be closing its doors soon

If you are looking for an alternative to npm Enterprise there is no better time than now to migrate to Bytesafe as npm have announced the retirement of their offering on June 30th 2021!

Npm Enterprise primarily targeted teams that wanted to collaborate with safe Javascript development using private registries.

Bytesafe as a dependable replacement for npm Enterprise

Bytesafe as a great replacement for npm Enterprise

Bytesafe is a great fit for those wanting to replace their npm Enterprise. Bytesafe goes even deeper into securing your code supply chain. Continuously monitoring with Bytesafe plugins and policies to secure package workflows, and monitor license compliance and code vulnerabilities.

This post describes the Bytesafe offering and how quick and easy it is to get started. By the way, Bytesafe is free for individual developers!

Fully managed private registries with a custom namespace. Unlimited number of registries

Bytesafe is a fully managed service that hosts your private registries. No need for you to host or maintain your own infrastructure, freeing up time and effort to focus on your core business .

All Bytesafe workspaces come with their own namespace. So claim your own - first come, first served! Additionally, a Bytesafe workspace allows for unlimited private registries. Users can create as many as they require for their team, projects, sprints or use cases.

Using Bytesafe for all your private and public packages means you can:

  • Proxy and cache all public packages that your applications depend on using Bytesafe.
  • With Bytesafe you are able to set up hierarchies with different policies or clone registries for different teams or sprints

Use Bytesafe to identify and track the dependencies your codebase uses

Avoid software decay by staying up to date with what dependencies are used in your projects. Browse your dependencies, manage package versions and identify and receive notifications of potential security and licensing issues that need your attention. Bytesafe monitors your packages continuously so that you can focus on other things.

Set up different registries for different purposes and workflows. Easily clone a registry that you intend to update in order to have a deterministic state. Archive the old one and go back to using that one again if needed.

Unlock productivity and get deterministic results

Be sure to use Bytesafe in your CI/CD pipeline across different environments. Collaborate, test, build and deploy using the exact same versions that the developers intended. No more misconfigurations

Democratize package and dependency information. Bring together your team

Allow developers, QA, security experts and business teams to use the same tools to avoid an internal disconnect between different roles. Development and security are team efforts!

Bytesafe is built for secure management of your dependencies. Providing analysis, insights and remediation of potential security and license issues.

Want to get started right away with Bytesafe?

Visit the Bytesafe Getting Started Guide and you will be up and running in less than a minute.

Shift left. Identify and fix early. Secure your supply chain with Bytesafe

Not only is Bytesafe a capable and fully managed npm artifact registry, security is also built into our core. We want you to be able to identify issues early, track and remedy these issues from start to finish. And the most exciting part, we are only beginning. Plenty of exciting security, license compliance and workflow improving additions are in development.

Secure your software supply chain with Bytesafe

Having all your own packages and external code dependencies held centrally in Bytesafe allows for continuous monitoring, scanning and control of the code you are using.

Knowing what (and who’s) code you are using is at the core of securing your code supply chain. Shift left and identify any issues early in the SDLC!

Sign up for Bytesafe

Sign up for Bytesafe and migrate away from npm Enterprise (or other services).

Bytesafe is free for individual developers and there's a free Teams trial too.

Want to discuss or help with a migration path?

You can always contact me directly at and I’ll set up a meeting or send your questions to the Bytesafe support.

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