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What service/tool would you use to implement multi-instance SaaS

danielolamide profile image Daniel Olamide ãƒģ1 min read

I'm currently trying to build a MVP for a SaaS idea I had. I intend for every SaaS client to run their own instance of the application (for customisation and isolation purposes), so some sort of multi-tenant/multi-instance architecture. Currently to try to achieve this scenario, I have been thinking along these lines

  • Kubernetes Multi-tenant cluster (This seemed like the most promising as I've seen a couple of companies do this e.g Kolide. I haven't proceeded with this as I'm new to the Kubernetes scene, so the learning curve was crazy and I don't have that much time)

  • Switching databases depending on the subdomain value e.g switches to client1's database. (This didn't work out because the open source CMS I used doesn't support switching databases ☚ī¸)

What tools/services are you using to handle such scenarios? Thanks for your time.

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Zorca Orcinus

Laravel Framework + Tenancy package for Laravel

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Daniel Olamide Author

Thank you. I've heard of the options offered by language frameworks as well. Do you know any language independent methods ?