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Discussion on: My Transition from .Net to Salesforce. My thoughts and the challenges so far.

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Hi Chris,

I get the promotion of Salesforce. Its a very valuable tool and even more powerful when coupled with tools like Mule ESB. However its behooves me to consider that MVC, WebAPI, SqlServer and Powershell are "defunct". Maybe Framework MVC, WebAPI considering the move towards Core. But .NET as a whole and SqlServer has a very robust ecosystem with a large enterprise footprint. I would be cautious of introducing bias when those frameworks and dbs are how many organizations interface and organize with Salesforce.

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Chris Bertrand Author • Edited

Hey Dan,

Maybe I worded that badly, the only defunct, maybe I should have used "outdated" areas are Windows Forms / Silverlight. Everything else I consider still to be completely current and relevant. I'm not mocking the suite or tools, I was just trying to show to breadth of options available to a .Net developer. And with .Net Core and the move to containerisation options are getting even larger.

Whereas I have struggled to adapt to the Salesforce framework, where everything is packaged under one roof! Once again, nothing wrong with that... just more of an interesting change of scene from what I've been used to.

I've loved learning how you can do things a "different" way, whether or not that different way is better or worse I can't quite comment on yet. Gimme a few more months!

P.S - I'm not trying to promote Salesforce, this was my decision, and one that came out of left field, sorry if it came across that way.

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