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#100DaysOfCode - Day 1: Building my first API

Well, today I officially started to study the previous mentioned topics. I had an idea of develop an API based on the MVC pattern, that way I'll be able to implement most of the things I want to learn. I have worked on API systems before, but never built any from scratch.

Building a Pókemon API

I thought that choosing a topic that I'm already related to could make this a little more fun. And being honest, it is something that I already wanted to try out.

I did some research and decided that I'll be using Tutorials Teacher documentation to learn the basics, and once I finish that, I might move to the next topic, but I'm not sure (Any suggestions for related courses, will be welcome).

What I learnt today

*Web Api uses a naming structure that allows asumptions about what type of method is being executed. This can be done by naming the method as the command you want to implement. For example, a Get() method is running a GET command.
*The routes for the API calls can be changed by modifying WebApiConfig file
*Instances of a class made in a call get wipe out after it finishes
*GET command could, in theory, save data too as POST does, but by sending the data in the URL instead of the JSON's body. Cons of using this method, would be that the URL only admits a total of 2000 characters, and data is completly visible, even in HTTPS.


I tried to stick to the "1 hour a day" rule, but it definetly took much more than that. Anyways, it is what it is...(as a native spanish speaker, I love how that last phrase sounds)

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Hey, I worked on a similar API for Pokemon before! Your project seems interesting.

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DanieLira Author

Thanks! We'll see how it goes. Once I have more substantial progress, I will share my repository.