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Daniel Reis
Daniel Reis

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I'm looking for a Developer Advocate Role

Hi, everyone. My name is Daniel Reis, aka. "danielhe4rt", I'm Brazilian and I'm looking for a Developer Advocate/Evangelist role.

I’m passionate about connecting people into the most diverse technologies and I see a greater way to do it by raising inclusive communities.

Some important informations about me:

  • Studying programming since 2011;
  • I have been in the Web Development as a dev for 4 years (PHP/Laravel);
  • I’ve been leading a Technical Community (He4rt) with more than 12.000 members for almost 4 years now;
  • I have been doing live coding for almost 4 years and I got Twitch Partnership with an average of 140 viewers (22.000 followers);
  • Four technical articles submitted to over the past year with more than 8000 views;
  • Content produced for YouTube audience on a channel with currently 3k subscribers;
  • Joined on Microsoft MVP Program in 2020;
  • I’ve participated in two talks in important events (PHP Community Summit, GitHub Presente) and I’m willing to get into Brazilian Universities to talk more about the importance of communities.
  • My goal is to make a diverse and inclusive environment for everyone that wants to become a developer.

I found a passion like no other participating in communities and helping other people in the area. Being able to be the difference and inspire other people took me here. I want to do more, and I’m looking for a new home to allow me to in this journey.

He4rt Developers:
MVP Award Contribution Page:
Twitch Channel:
YouTube Channel:
Twitter (most in PT-BR):

Personal Developer Roadmap:

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Guilherme Vieira

You rock, Dan!

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Rafael Souza

I must say that anyone who gets the chance to work with this person will be grateful for the rest of their lives. Simply an amazing guy both personally and professionally.

alacoc profile image
Guilherme Alacoc

I really think Daniel is one of Brazil's top content creators in tech. He helped me to get a developer role with his content, through lives, courses and the community.

guilhermedev98 profile image

O cara é fera !!!

aleqcs profile image

Tu é fera, boa sorte =)

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Emmanuel Aiyenigba

I wish you luck finding your next role. You are amazing, Daniel.

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Alan Albuquerque Ferreira Lopes

tem todo o potencial pra atuar nessa área, tu é fera man

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Isabella Herman


cyytrus profile image
Paulo Castro

Daniel He4rt, the beast.

paulorievrs profile image
Paulo Rievrs

Vontade de ver você logo atuando nessa área, tem um potencial absurdo!

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olyno profile image

Can someone explain me what the role of a Developer Advocate please? I see this role a lot of time but i have no clue what missions people with this role have 😅

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Atharva Shirdhankar

Its all about educating and sharing knowledge with the people(end users and developers) about the features and products of the company you will be working for and you will get a chance to represent the company where you will working in conference. Overall it's awesome job if you like connecting with people and sharing your experience and knowledge.
Thats all I know.

For more clearity you can read this blog by @blackgirlbytes

olyno profile image

It seems that I am a Developer Advocate in several projects then 😄

Thanks a lot for the explanation and the article!

npobbathi profile image
Nagesh Pobbathi

Super impressive Daniel! Let's connect. Would love to explore working together.

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Chris Watson