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Daniel Feldroy • Edited on

Hello, this is Daniel Roy Greenfeld from Los Angeles, California, USA. I am python, javascript, and C#/Unity developer who has worked for NASA, EventBrite, and an InsureTech. I've written books on software, Two Scoops of Django and Django Crash Course. I'm working on more books for Python and C#/Unity.

I love being a constant learner and student. I eagerly devour what people have to say on coding. The day you stop being willing to learn is the day your career as a developer is over. :-)

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Rakhmad Azhari

Hi Daniel,

Nice to meet you here. Your book helped me to develop better system with Django at our place. Thank you very much.

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Hi! 👍

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Melissa McKay

I agree with you 100%. The desire to learn is integral to success as a developer. I've been a developer for over 20 years, across many different languages and technologies. Whenever I'm asked about this type of career, I point out that you will never really feel like you have arrived at a full understanding of anything - there is ALWAYS something new to learn and so many different areas of expertise. This is part of what I love about it! Never bored. ;-)