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Discussion on: Good Bye Web APIs

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This is basically what SOAP did. I still have some old apps where you just expose the class on the server and the client-side application reads the entire class object and you get to use them. It was awesome and easy. I still miss it.

People complained it was heavy, and XML Based, and JSON was so much lighter.... although now the speed difference is akin to old guys saving space by only storing 2 digit years in the 1900's

Personally, I've completely given up on REST standards with my systems. I've also given up on GraphSQL, which was a nice idea, but I find a bit messy.

As a compromise, I cobbled together something similar to layr, but one step further down the stack. I created a simple object, in which I pass the names of stored procedures directly through to the API server as a package with parameters. A single API clears the bearer token, then reads the procedures requested, builds the statement, appends the token as a parameter, then runs it against the database server, where it executes it and returns it to the API server. The api server then returns an array of JSON to the front-end.

It's actually much in the same vein of Layr, but I bypass the API server entirely (except in anomolies that require more complex work) and send it directly to SQL Server, where security and logic can be handled in Stored Procedures.

Another reason: How long as SQL been around compared to other languages? How many of us have had to update PHP to a very different version, or go from ASP classic, to to Core, et al. How many went from simple HTML with some javascript, to DHTML, to AngularJS to Angular2?

But still: I gotta say, Layr is pretty cool. If I wasn't running a business and was still just a developer, I'd be loving it.