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Music Trick For Mac Users

For mac users, the pain of pressing the play button and accidentally triggering the apple music app is very familiar.
You must've tried to delete it but realized it can't be done.

The Solution

Of course there's a smarter person that already solved this issue - noTunes 🙏


  brew install --cask notunes
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Set noTunes to launch at startup

  • Navigate to System Settings
  • Select General
  • Select Login Items
  • Click the + under Open at Login and select noTunes

And...that's it!

  • If you wanna change the default music player you can simply run the command below and don't forget to replace YOUR_MUSIC_APP with the name of your music app.
defaults write digital.twisted.noTunes replacement /Applications/
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For example, I replaces mine with the YouTube music.

  • If you wanna hide the menu bar icon, just right click the menu bar icon and click Hide Icon.


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