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Open Source on-premises shipping API

Handling the logistics pertaining to your business or organization in this modern age calls for a leverage of technology and automation. The different parties involved in the supply chain lifecycle of a product enjoy peace of mind and a sense of control when there is visibility. And that can only be achieved when the logistics parties are connected and in sync.

Integrating with a shipping carrier can be very challenging because of their technology choices and long and complex documentations. Added to that, the multi-carrier strategy becomes expensive to adopt as it requires a higher development and maintenance cost.

Purplship is an Open Source platform focused on making it easier for you to integrate with one or multiple shipping carrier services to your existing application.

Modern API

Businesses who need to integrate directly with their carriers without third parties Saas are left with the pain of integrating with every single carrier. Purplship modernizes under a single interface the shipping APIs when Saas is not the preferred way

Specialized lightweight documentation

Carrier’s web service docs are long and complex because of all the various shipping service requirements and use cases. Purplship breaks down into simple modules, freight, packages and document APIs to present specialized lightweight documentation that only covers your needs.

Complete control with Open-core

Saas providers offer limited integrations of the carrier’s capabilities. Purplship lets you build whatever you need–and keep your data on-premises.

We are very enthusiastic at the opportunity to empower software developers for a digitally connected supply chain. We are looking forward to your comments, feature requests, votes and contributions. If you find bugs, please let us know in the issue tracker.

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